Important Buying Tips for Modern Sofa Sets and Recliners


Sofas for everyday use need robust fabric. Cotton and linen are winners.  Synthetic microfiber, which can mimic most fabrics and is stain resistant. Cotton and linen can be treated for stain resistance, but even then they aren’t as easy to clean. Blends of natural and synthetic fibres tend to pill within a year. Wool and leather are handsome and strong but expensive. Silk is sleek but fragile. Fabrics with patterns woven in tend to wear better than those with printed patterns.

If you want the best recliner for your needs (and your euro), consider the following questions before heading to the store:

  1. How does your room look?
  2. Are you the only user?
  3. Do you have enough room?
  4. Recliner types

There are 3 main categories of recliners:

The Traditional Two-Position Recliner: This recliner features a mechanism that unleashes the foot rest and allows the user to recline fully. It will be very much comfortable.

The Rocker Recliner As opposed to the aforementioned two-position recliner, this kind is the most popular choice of recliner and therefore the most widely manufactured.

The Push-Back/Flex-Back Recliner The only part of this recliner that actually reclines is the back, so an ottoman is usually used as a footrest. This is a great option for a more modern-looking room.