3 Summer Fireplace Ideas for 2015


The British weather can best be described as unsettled at present, with rain, high winds and cold snaps interspersed with spells of glorious sunshine. These significant periods of damp weather are forcing us to spend more time at home, as we turn our attention to the home-improvements tasks and modifications that we continually put off until a later date.

So while it may be unusual to consider decorating or modifying your fireplace during the summer, the current cold snap may provide the ideal opportunity to do this before the winter!

3 Innovative Fireplace Ideas for the summer

With this in mind, what are the innovative and unusual decorative trends that can help you to refresh even the most tired and unloved fireplaces this summer? Consider the following ideas: –

Use Seasonal Plants and Flowers as Decorative Aids

Plants are the most popular decorative aid in the modern home, thanks to their versatility and the fact that they can be used all year round. They are therefore the ideal adornment for your fireplace this summer, primarily because they can help to frame the fireplace and add a depth of color to the fixture. You should also consider using seasonal flowers, as summer seeds tend to be bright, bold and extremely fragrant. In this respect, you can capitalise on the season to add a unique dimension to your living space.

Utilise Ornaments and Logs

The next consideration is ornamentation or authentic logs for those in possession of a wood-burning stove. A log stack can be used to neatly store and present your logs next to the fireplace, adding a rustic feel to even modern homes. In terms of ornaments, you will need to be selective when choosing both materials and finished products. These can be placed atop the fireplace for decoration, or even on shelves or in display cabinets alongside the fireplace. On a final note, avoid using delicate ceramics, as this is a fragile material that is easily breakable.

Use a Divider

This is an unusual idea, but it is ideal for modern home-owners who wish to hide or disguise their fireplace. The divider can be purchased in multiple sizes, patterns and materials, meaning that there is a design to suit your precise needs. More importantly, you will be able to identify a divider that matches your interior design ethos, while also hiding a fireplace that is slightly degraded or cumbersome in its appeal. This will also provide you with respite until you can afford to replace the fireplace, or at least refresh it.