Air Conditioning Repair


Technology has never failed to amaze us in terms of making things simpler for humans. It has played a key role in overcoming various constraints and challenges people face in their daily life in terms of survival conditions, comfort and complex activities they carry out. One simple example would be the heating systems and air conditioners, how it has helped to make any living environment irrespective of climatic and weather condition in that place suitable for human survival.

Due to the dependency over it, Air conditioner has almost become an integral part of every home to face heat in summers. It is also amazing to know the operating mechanism and how efficiently these air conditioners function. However, people tend to ignore the routine care and maintenance they require to avoid an emergency air conditioning repair situation.

The following simple steps avoid the frequent air conditioner repair and to have the equipment work for a longer period and also to work efficiently saving on operational expenses,

(a)Follow a regular maintenance schedule: Like any other mechanical device, it has to be tuned up, by routine procedures like

(1) clean or change the filters that are placed inside your home every month

(2) clean the evaporator coil annually

(3) cleaning the ductwork every month so that the debris and dust will not enter the AC unit.

(b)Do not keep it hide in between the debris of trees and plants: The debris surrounding the unit get stuck into the ventilation part of the AC. blocks it and loses its ability to breathe causes stress to the system. It is better to clear off the leaves and other debris surrounding the AC unit every week.

(c) Use the ceiling fans correctly: The ceiling fans which are operating during the functioning of AC unit reduce the stress to the AC by spreading the cool air uniformly.

(d) Turn On and Off the AC frequently: Reduce the stress to the AC unit by switching it off and on as and when needed. As the temperature falls during nights it is better to switch it off at night and keep windows open.

(e)Avoid adjusting the Thermostat frequently: When you adjust the thermostat as you wish while going out and coming in, it will get wear out easily leading to emergency repairs.

By carrying out these steps you save your time, money and avoid unnecessary stress because of repairs.