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Buying the right EMF Meter for your home


To measure the usage of electricity in a home or any kind of building an EMF meter can be used. EMF meters or the Electro Magnetic Force Meters work based the principle of EMF and that is detecting electro magnetic force created as electro-magnetism whenever power flows through a line and depending on the amount of EM force created it will be designed in such a way to use it proportionally to measure the electric power consumed through the power line. This very important in stand point of power generation, transmission and distribution, as it helps to understand the power supply needs of a household or a complex and supply power accordingly.

There are various types of EMF meters based on the make, model and its use and choosing the right EMF meter for your home or commercial space requires a little bit of technical understanding of these meters. Based on uses meters are categorized as commercial purpose, personal use, Govt. use meters and there are paranormal meters to even for non-standard uses. It is very important from Govt. or Electricity regulatory Authorities stand point to use the right meter in order to avoid disputes and penalty charges for it.

When buying an EMF meter the quality of meter by checking its rating standards, seals and logo of manufacturer, clear information on its capacity, calibration certificate and more as such have to be seen. As these are electrical equipment dealing with power and defect or faulty manufacturing will pose a huge risk to the consumers. A good EMF meter will also come with standard insulation and power protection proof. EMF meter accessories that support and protect the meters such as meter case, holder, mounting bracket and cover are also available, it is highly advised that home owners and consumers should use the accessories to avoid any shocks and power leakages while handling the meters.


Shop with the best deals for Home products


Home is not just a place for shelter it is more than that and so it requires a great deal of attention and proper care and this is needed for health and good environment at home. In home there should be a space for all activities and purposes and there are many products needed for supporting those activities. We all buy products for our household purposes such as for home care and maintenance. Some of them might be for our comfort like furniture, few others for home hygiene like home cleaning products and so on. These products are needed at least once in a while again and again to make our home livable one.

With online shopping it really became very simpler and easier to browse and decide on the home products we wish to buy and also to easily place orders, get the things shipped and delivered to our door steps with us not leaving the comfort of home. While placing orders online for products it is always better to go for products that we know very well and have used at least once or have come to know from others that they have used and have rated them good.

As these home and personal products are for regular use and we spend a lot on them it is wise to know how to save on their expenses without compromising on the quality. So what I do is I shop from genuine and top online stores like ACHICA, Splashdirect, Grand Furniture, Homestay, B&Q and such in order to ensure quality where I place orders blindly. Another advantage in buying from such top stores is that they may offer deals on their products at times.  These deals can be in terms of Dealvoucherz with which discounts can be availed on products on which they are applicable.

Quoting few voucher codes from my personal shopping experience and how I saved using these deals, I was able to save with these deals ‘Up To 60% Off Taps’ at Splash direct, bought ‘Kingfisher Airbed @ £27.99’ at Bed store, also bought ‘Quartz 4 Drawer Chest of Drawers Cabinet From £199.95’ at Grand furniture. Not only for home products there are codes available for almost every product and service that we can get through web including technology based, travel services, office stationery and many more.


A guide to buy Home Generators


Before even deciding on to buy a home generator, it is necessary to understand why do we need a home generator and what we should look for while buying a home generator in order to get the best one for our homes. Home generator is a machine that will help to supply electric power to our homes whenever there is an outage or shutdown of power and not only that it can also help to provide power without fluctuations within a particular range of power. An unexpected and frequent power outages can really take a toll on your equipment and appliances in homes that runs on power supply such as fans, air conditioners, lights, TV, etc.

It is always better to be prepared than to face an issue and then fix things. Especially when it comes to issues caused by power outages can prove to be very costlier and also will take time to fix them up. By having a home generator for power back up and avoid power outages or even fluctuations can really give a good amount of peace of mind as this ensures the safety and good working condition of electrical equipment and electronic appliances in our homes.

As there are many brands to choose from after knowing the need for home generator any home owner should decide the kind of generator they need to meet the power requirements of their home. After choosing a brand such as kohler generators houston they will have to see the different types of models available under it and see the power range or the capacity it can support. Also, go for the brand that has good after sales customer support and services and gives a reasonable time period of warranty and requires less maintenance or if possible maintenance free one.


Easy Tips for Proper Maintenance of Air Conditioning


Finally seems that summer has come to stay with us a few days at least, so it’s time to ensure that our air conditioners work. Now that the warm weather arrives back to turn on the air conditioning we have had so forgotten to really use during the winter. So, home owners will now have to tune up the air conditioner so that in addition to achieving optimum performance and extend its life, do not lose money on the electricity bill.



Today I bring you few tips that will ensure that the air conditioning life is extended and it will work more longer period. So, try to see if you follow these maintenance tips before you start your air conditioning:

  • Make sure the filters are clean: a dirty filters reduce the amount of air in circulation causing malfunction of the device. Clean the filters is very easy, just open the front cover them out of its compartment and clean them with warm water and soap. Once dry, and you can place them again. Change the filter – Actually the filters should be changed every few months. If you do not give much use, they can be cleaned from time to time but ideally at least every two years to put new filters to assure breathing the purest air. Maybe I look like a maintenance expensive but it is always better to buy a new one every few years.


  • Keep clean the outdoor fans: the fans that are in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, which makes the hot air outlet to the outside of the housing. If you are not very dirty you can clean yourself with a soft brush or cloth, and if you saw it necessary then better call a professional for air conditioning peoria az in order to also clean the pipes that reach the fans. Clean fans outside because they are the exit of hot air. Consider hiring a professional who will clean the pipes occasionally to avoid jams and breakage.


  • Check the coolant level gas: with the passage of time, all air conditioner tends to lose the gas used for cooling. Do not forget to check the gas level before it reaches the heat. Some devices have gas levels in sight, but it is not your case, it is recommended that you do a professional. Check gas levels if possible as in some units you can see if the levels are normal. If not, you get a professional to check the installation occasionally. Check for leaks.


  • Check the electrical installation for the cables are in perfect condition and make sure not pull too light. Too high a bill can end with a massive use of fans as you do not neglect. Make periodic checks of the electrical system of your air conditioning. Especially if you do not use often or after a long period of inactivity.


  • Check that the condenser is not blocked. See if the party comes out front has enough air to function normally. Also clean it after each station for better maintenance. And as always, city environment and seek not to put the house to polar summer temperature.

By following these tips lengthen the life of your air conditioner and save money on electricity bills also noted a significant improvement in performance. If you want to know more about the specific maintenance needs your air conditioner on this page you can consult any doubt or question.


How to avoid frequent repair of Air conditioning systems and Saving on power bills for AC


Ah, summer! Warmth, vacation, cool clothes, long days, pool … but also heat, heat, Heat! And the electricity bill through the roof to cool the home in the hardest days.

In this post, from our experts in air conditioners, we have collected and are providing you few tips for the better performance of your device. Following them will get not only prolong the life of your appliance for much longer, but also save money through better tuned machinery and to a more efficient consumption. The best way to avoid from your ACs getting repair frequently is by getting the help of professionals for ac repair anthem az as they will ensure there no recurring issues and will fix any repair in time.



1. Make sure the filters are clean.

2. Check the status of the battery and clean it . It’s in the back of the outdoor unit, and usually becomes very dirty. See carefully and check that there is no anomaly. You can use a soft brush and check very carefully. The professionals use compressed air, but do not recommend it because without experience, so it could bend the fins and hurt the team.

3. Check the batteries in the remote control. Do not look like that, you’d be surprised how many customers call us because their air conditioning “does not turn on” … because of the batteries.

4. Clean the outside fans. They are the hot air outlet, and must remain free of jams and breakages. A professional will help you clean these tubes thoroughly and check for cracks.

5. Confirm that the condenser is not blocked: check that the part that comes out gets enough air from the front to function normally.



6. Not everything about air conditioning is going to cause you electricity consumption: good insulation will help you save up to 40% on the electricity bill. Thus, your computer will cost less to cool a space that constantly loses that penetrates cold or heat.

7. Ventilate when cooling off. During the night or early morning, aerates and renews the air in the house. With the arrival of warm again, close doors and windows. It will help you save up to 30% in consumption.

8. Do not practice large increases or decreases the thermostat. These efforts are peaks that multiply the power output. Do not drop the 25%: every degree you go down after that an increase in electricity consumption of 7%.

And if you find that your air conditioner does not work as it should, do it checked by a qualified professional to solve any problem in time and protect it from further damage.