Why go for Professional Pool services for cleaning, repair and maintenance of your Swimming Pools


Maintaining a pool has a cost maintenance, suitable chemicals, cost of electricity, water costs, cost improvements, detect anomalies, etc. One of the problems in maintaining pools is the lack of existing professionalism, either by companies in the pool, either by the intrusiveness of gardeners, plumbers or people without any training or experience industry, this means the long high costs to pay the owner of the pool and a high health risk. I believe that every pool is different regarding needs and for this reason must also be different from the type of maintenance and pool repair Cave Creek.


What has to be done in maintaining a pool?

In maintaining contemplate three different periods during the year. Spring pollen season (April, May and first half of June) season bathrooms (2nd half of June until October 15) and the third period would be the rest of the year (second half of October until the arrival of the spring). These periods depend on the weather, the geographical area where the pool is located and the needs you may have this pool and the type of maintenance that the customer wants.


A Professional Pool service will save you money

There are pool owners who pay a very low maintenance fees which makes it maintenance but pays huge electricity bills because the engine works long hours and pay unnecessarily huge water bills. If all this we add the cost of the damages that were not detected in good time and the use of chemicals depending on the market and its consequences, we see that the maintenance fee is usually much more expensive.

If we talk about the quality of water we see that the ph according to water temperature are not taken into account, nor water hardness and alkalinity, phosphates or applicant acid analyzes etc. and when a problem arises to be playing some chemicals, and when it reaches the professional meets real disasters that they could have been avoided.

As professionals we are not exempt from that we pass things: excess bathers and water ran out of chlorine, etc. but when water is unable to perform all necessary steps to restore normalcy in the shortest time possible performances.

The health of you and yours well worth your pool is expertly city.


List of Possible Pool Repair & Maintenance Services needed for your Pool

– Monitoring equipment maintenance and water treatment, performed by appropriately qualified and experienced in aquatic facilities.

– Supply of different items related to these types of facilities (clean robots funds, collect leaves, skimmers …)

– Product supply necessary for proper physical and chemical water (chlorine, algaecide ..) maintenance

– Chlorine generator maintenance salt electrolysis, as well as equipment for automatic control of water parameters.

– A professional group that includes plumbers, masons, electricians, formwork for any kind of repair or adjacent glass (changing rooms, gardens …) and collaborating closely with the maintenance and repair of pools.

– Department of construction and repair qualified to solve any malfunction or work of the pool staff.
– Repair water leaks (internal water leakage).

– Glass rehabilitation pool (fiberglass, reinforced sheet).
– Repair or replacement of skimmers, filters, sewage …
– Replacement and installation of all types of accessories for your pool.
– Weatherization pool (indoor installation, heat pumps, solar panels, thermal blankets, etc.).
– Installing SPAS, hot tubs, swimming pools counter.


Maintenance and repair of Pools – Professional pool service in Cave Creek AZ

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Pelican Bay Pools has a department for all air technical and pool work, aimed at customers who demand a comprehensive quality service. Their maintenance and repair of swimming pools in AZ has everything necessary for construction and repair of any kind in your pool, as well as quality maintenance , while ensuring excellent water quality, chemical treatment, repair troubleshooting, maintenance of facilities, site preparation for winter storage and everything you need for having a good quality pools in your home.