Get the high quality road salt services at a reasonable price from Pro Plowing Inс


Pro Plowing Inс is providing high quality road salt services.

You can order one of the following plans:

  • We start salting the road when it is covered with 1/4 inch of snow. The road or lot will be wet and after some time it will be dry. This plan means “zero tolerance” towards snow and ice.
  • If we have a forecast about snow, sleet or freezing rain we can call your company and inform about it. If you order the salting service you will have to pay only for the services you received.
  • If we get the forecast about freezing rain or wet snow, we come and salt the roads, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. without informing you about it.

It is very important to have safe sidewalks and entries in winter. So, all you need is to order road salt services at our reliable snow plowing company. We have been working in the snow removal business since 1977.

Our company has all the necessary equipment, knowledge and skills to do the job efficiently, safely and quickly.

Our snow removal company works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you need the best road salt services at an affordable price, you just have to call us:847.272.7180.Any time you will call, you will have a chance to talk to a live person but not the machine.

Do not ignore slippery roads and entries in winter. Our snow salt service will make your surroundings safe and appropriate for walking and driving a car. We care about our customers and do our job efficiently and at the appropriate times.

All you need is to call our company 847.272.7180and discuss the plan of the road salt services we provide. You can order this service along with the snow plowing services.

We provide road salt services to our customers if we have forecast about wet snow, freezing rain or ice storm. Our company is a customer-friendly one. We value and respect all our clients. Our team is working hard to make your life safe and comfortable during wintertime.

Do not hesitate to contact our office and order any service you need. We can agree the prices as we appreciate everyone who applies to our company. Call us:847.272.7180

Do not wait until winter comes. Call us now and learn the details! You will receive all the necessary information from our qualified experts!