Cutting Cooling costs


The ability to control temperature with the help of technology has made it possible and easier for man to survive in any living conditions irrespective of weather and climate. The initially used ones were the means to generate heat for warmth using fire. And later people used bamboo sticks, leaves and vessels filling them with water and through some means created chillness using them. However, it was after technological inventions came up, people were able to come up with heating systems and cooling systems. The most popular cooling systems are the Air conditioners and next to it are Fans and Air coolers. Keep you place cool and save money on air conditioning too.

Reduce the time that your air conditioner runs. Check your system is with good maintenance and service to run properly. Adjust the thermostat setting either automatically or manually. You can also use low cost cooling methods like ceiling fans which cuts the costs significantly.

With the services of a great HVAC company people can maintain and repair their Air conditioners in time and also can ensure smooth functioning of it which can also help to cut down on cooling costs.

The following are the best ways to cut down the costs and improve your cooling system,

1. Set the AC thermostat high so that there is not much difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor, when you are not in home during day time. Keep your house warmer.
2. A programmable thermostat saves your money by turning it off when you are away.
3. Clean your system coils and filters periodically.
4. Install fluorescent lamps in the fixtures which improve energy savings.
5. To prevent leaking of the cool air, close the holes and gaps through which pipes and wiring enter the house.
6. Let your attic be insulated to its maximum.
7. Use the ventilation fans in the kitchen and bath only when you need. Within an hour they can pull out the cool air filled in the house.
8. Install blinds, shades, sun screens or window films in the windows exposed to the sunny light.
9. Use fan to circulate air whenever room temperature is good enough to not use AC.
10. Keep the outside ac unit out of obstructions from the shrubs and trees and provides good air flow.
11. Service your system at least once in a year.
12. Energy efficient equipment will support in energy savings.