How to handle Emergency Plumbing Situations in Houston TX

Just think about this situation, where you suddenly find the water closet in your washroom bursting out with water and draining shower is also not present. Such water clogging problems with drains and water closets are well known plumbing issues that require an assured expert handling. A risky plumbing scenario is a task for a genuine and reliable plumbing contractor with sufficient knowledge to fix the issue preventing it from resulting into further damages. Suppose if you are looking to fix the plumbing issue by yourself in order to avoid a risk posing plumbing situation, you can do it by implementing the below measures:

Usually the first step in clearing a clogged drain is to take out the waste that is clogging the opening of drain. And then to fill the sink or bath tub with sufficient amount of water such that it covers the bowl of the plunger. Now, keep the plunger on the opening of the drain and begin to pump down in order to clear the accumulated waste. Wash the drain with hot water. A drain rod would be needed to remove the hard blocks that cannot be removed using plunger. Insert and push the drain rod into the drain pipe till it hits the blockage. After inserting it well into the blockage, turn the drain rod to the right so that it can split up the blockage. Try to make a persistent hits and turns in the blockage till the accumulated waste loosens and begins to move down the drain channel. After you feel the blockage has become loose and is easy to push down, then take out the drain rod. Then, pour the hot water into the drain pipe so that it can completely wash away any remains of the blockage.