How to avoid frequent repair of Air conditioning systems and Saving on power bills for AC


Ah, summer! Warmth, vacation, cool clothes, long days, pool … but also heat, heat, Heat! And the electricity bill through the roof to cool the home in the hardest days.

In this post, from our experts in air conditioners, we have collected and are providing you few tips for the better performance of your device. Following them will get not only prolong the life of your appliance for much longer, but also save money through better tuned machinery and to a more efficient consumption. The best way to avoid from your ACs getting repair frequently is by getting the help of professionals for ac repair anthem az as they will ensure there no recurring issues and will fix any repair in time.



1. Make sure the filters are clean.

2. Check the status of the battery and clean it . It’s in the back of the outdoor unit, and usually becomes very dirty. See carefully and check that there is no anomaly. You can use a soft brush and check very carefully. The professionals use compressed air, but do not recommend it because without experience, so it could bend the fins and hurt the team.

3. Check the batteries in the remote control. Do not look like that, you’d be surprised how many customers call us because their air conditioning “does not turn on” … because of the batteries.

4. Clean the outside fans. They are the hot air outlet, and must remain free of jams and breakages. A professional will help you clean these tubes thoroughly and check for cracks.

5. Confirm that the condenser is not blocked: check that the part that comes out gets enough air from the front to function normally.



6. Not everything about air conditioning is going to cause you electricity consumption: good insulation will help you save up to 40% on the electricity bill. Thus, your computer will cost less to cool a space that constantly loses that penetrates cold or heat.

7. Ventilate when cooling off. During the night or early morning, aerates and renews the air in the house. With the arrival of warm again, close doors and windows. It will help you save up to 30% in consumption.

8. Do not practice large increases or decreases the thermostat. These efforts are peaks that multiply the power output. Do not drop the 25%: every degree you go down after that an increase in electricity consumption of 7%.

And if you find that your air conditioner does not work as it should, do it checked by a qualified professional to solve any problem in time and protect it from further damage.