Do’s and Dont’s of DIY Plumbing


A risky plumbing scenario such as a lavatory sink which is overflowing with water too stressful as it cannot be easily fixed. Soon after you find the lavatory sink is overflowing with water don’t try re-flushing as it can worsen the situation. Instead, try to disconnect the flow of water under the toilet’s tank. Suppose if there is no valve to close and stop the water, then open the cover of the tank and pick up the float ball. Break the connection at main shutoff to stop the flow of water. After the flow of water is completely stopped, things will look normal and then on the lavatory sink keep the plunger and begin to pump down. Try doing this again and again so that you can free the clog.

The results of a ‘Do it yourself’ attempt is based on the position of the blockage in the drain pipe. At times, a plunger alone would do, however during emergency plumbing situations even a drain rod is not enough. Ensure that while you unclog a water closet soon after that a commercial cleaning solution is not put into the bowl. Not having sufficient knowledge to fix the issue correctly, the do it yourself tried by you may result in causing more damages and may make you spend more than what would have actually cost less by using a professional plumbing contractor at the initial stage. Hence, it is better to call and contact an authorized plumbing contractor and make them fix the emergency plumbing situations.