Importance of efficient operation of ACs in Summers


The air conditioners are a source of comfort and quality of life in the hottest times of the year. The temperatures and extreme humidity should be avoided in the workplace, as well as sudden changes in temperature and currents cause discomfort.

Overall an air treatment process is used to modify certain characteristics such as humidity and temperature; additionally, also it can be controlled clean air.

The temperature should ideally be between 24 and 26 ° C.
Maintenance: it is important to clean the equipment, especially the filters, because they can accumulate germs or other substances.
Risks of misuse: colds, headaches, spasms, sore throat.


What is the ideal temperature for AC in summers at work place or for home use?

The use of air conditioning in summer is recommended, maintaining a temperature between 24 and 26 ° C , at home or in the workplace; current guidelines recommend a temperature not less than 26ºC local administrative, commercial, cultural, entertainment and transport stations, to save energy and reduce unnecessary energy use. In general, it is considered that a temperature below 24 ° C is not comfortable. It also recommended in workplaces maintain constant temperature, promoting fluid intake and reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol . On several occasions the use of fans is sufficient and its energy efficiency is adequate.


Importance of having your air conditioner running efficiently during the hot Arizona summers

To create a cold environment, the air conditioner obtains the heat of the environment and expels it outside, while fresh air stays in the room and through the ventilation air is distributed evenly. The air conditioning is a service, use carefully and organized helps avoid unnecessary costs, the most common fault in the air conditioning system of plants is the electrical part.

A malfunction of air conditioners facilities results in not using it as cooling system and also brings environmental health problems such as cough, dizziness, nausea, respiratory problems, and so on. Because of their enclosed spaces such as coils, condensate trays, drainage pipes, deprived of light at a stable temperature, moisture and dirt cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses, and are easily spread through the ducts.

Filters and other parts of the air conditioners can accumulate germs or other substances that could cause discomfort or illness; components should be checked periodically and timely maintenance required to prevent disease and discomfort. In general it is considered appropriate to conduct a study of temperature and maintenance of equipment once a year or once every two years using an ac repair glendale az.


Morehart AC Services can help you to ensure efficient operation of your home Air Conditioners during Summer

It is therefore essential to periodically clean the air ducts and air conditioning equipment, ie, the application of this system maintenance “cooling” with the services of professional and reputed AC services provider such as Morehart.

Incorrect use of air conditioners or devices with improper maintenance can lead to the onset of summer colds , sore throats and nose, asthma , respiratory infections, muscle spasms, headaches , etc. Frequent and sudden temperature changes repeatedly entering and leaving the offices or local chilled to / from the street can also cause the same discomfort and disease very often.

To prevent discomfort and disease is considered especially important that the air flow from the air conditioners does not become focused directly to the body , especially during sleeping hours. For those who have an air conditioner in the bedroom, it is recommended to switch off the appliance overnight. In the evenings warmer, it is recommended to keep on the air conditioner in another room, and the doors of communication open so that the temperature remains pleasant without the direct air flow directly hits the person in the hours of dream.

Cooling appliances should be installed in places with little sunlight and good air circulation. Similarly, the inappropriate use of less efficiency of these devices can be a huge energy and economic cost ; the general recommendation is to maintain a constant temperature of 26 ° C.