What can we Learn from Premium Motorhomes When Designing our Home Interiors?


There is no doubt about it; motor-homing is an increasingly popular and revered past-time!

This is reflected in recent UK figures, with statistics released by the National Caravan Council (NCC) underlining that the number of registrations of motor-homes reached its highest point since March 2011 last year. A cumulative total of 1,953 vehicles were registered with the Driver, Vehicle and Licensing Agency last spring, and this also marked a 26%, year-on-year increase within the marketplace.

What can we learn from Premium Motorhomes when designing the Interior of our homes?

Premium motor-homes are particularly popular in the UK, but these technology-evolved and advanced models offer far more than meets the eye. They should also serve as an inspiration to modern home-owners, especially as they look to reinvent their interiors and remodel their property for the New Year.

With this in mind, here are three design lessons that we can all learn from premium motorhomes: –

Safety underpins every successful design

If you look at market-leading, premium motor-homes such as those designed by Hymer, there is one feature that they have in common. This is that their design is underpinned by a host of advanced safety features, including everything from ABS and brake assist systems to panoramic windows for greater visibility. While safety features may be entirely different in the modern home, the principle remains the same and such precautions can serve as the ideal starting-point for design project.

This way, you can be rest assured that your design is built on solid foundations that can sustain long-term benefits.

Creating the Illusion of space is Crucial

While motor-home designs are practical and focused on optimizing space, they also have another, similar benefit. More specifically, they create the illusion of space, empowering owners and driving a minimalist, modern design. They achieve this is several ways, through the integration of compact, dual-purpose furniture (that also acts as storage) to minimizing the amount of fixtures and fittings in any given space.

By attempting this in your home, you can create a more comfortable existence while also adding value to your property in case that you decide to sell!

Understand the Link between Warmth, comfort and Luxury

Another key feature of premium motor-homes is their focus on optimal heating installation, in a bid to prevent cold bridges and drive clean air circulation. These factors can be compromised by adverse weather conditions and the demands of mobile living, so premium products are designed to optimize comfort at all times. Home-owners would do well to recognize this, as there is an innate and tangible relationship between warmth, comfort and luxury and this can help to underpin your interior redesign.

With this in mind, focus on creating a warm and cosy interior that adds depth and appeal to even restricted spaces!