Easy Tips for Proper Maintenance of Air Conditioning


Finally seems that summer has come to stay with us a few days at least, so it’s time to ensure that our air conditioners work. Now that the warm weather arrives back to turn on the air conditioning we have had so forgotten to really use during the winter. So, home owners will now have to tune up the air conditioner so that in addition to achieving optimum performance and extend its life, do not lose money on the electricity bill.



Today I bring you few tips that will ensure that the air conditioning life is extended and it will work more longer period. So, try to see if you follow these maintenance tips before you start your air conditioning:

  • Make sure the filters are clean: a dirty filters reduce the amount of air in circulation causing malfunction of the device. Clean the filters is very easy, just open the front cover them out of its compartment and clean them with warm water and soap. Once dry, and you can place them again. Change the filter – Actually the filters should be changed every few months. If you do not give much use, they can be cleaned from time to time but ideally at least every two years to put new filters to assure breathing the purest air. Maybe I look like a maintenance expensive but it is always better to buy a new one every few years.


  • Keep clean the outdoor fans: the fans that are in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, which makes the hot air outlet to the outside of the housing. If you are not very dirty you can clean yourself with a soft brush or cloth, and if you saw it necessary then better call a professional for air conditioning peoria az in order to also clean the pipes that reach the fans. Clean fans outside because they are the exit of hot air. Consider hiring a professional who will clean the pipes occasionally to avoid jams and breakage.


  • Check the coolant level gas: with the passage of time, all air conditioner tends to lose the gas used for cooling. Do not forget to check the gas level before it reaches the heat. Some devices have gas levels in sight, but it is not your case, it is recommended that you do a professional. Check gas levels if possible as in some units you can see if the levels are normal. If not, you get a professional to check the installation occasionally. Check for leaks.


  • Check the electrical installation for the cables are in perfect condition and make sure not pull too light. Too high a bill can end with a massive use of fans as you do not neglect. Make periodic checks of the electrical system of your air conditioning. Especially if you do not use often or after a long period of inactivity.


  • Check that the condenser is not blocked. See if the party comes out front has enough air to function normally. Also clean it after each station for better maintenance. And as always, city environment and seek not to put the house to polar summer temperature.

By following these tips lengthen the life of your air conditioner and save money on electricity bills also noted a significant improvement in performance. If you want to know more about the specific maintenance needs your air conditioner on this page you can consult any doubt or question.