Single storey conservatory for home


In most of the European countries, and also in the United States people install conservatories or green house to their living rooms. They consist of glass windows and ceilings that will protect the plants and bonsai trees those are displayed in the conservatory.

In order to install a conservatory to our individual house, some of the planning permissions that are needed to be obeyed. The conservatory that is to be installed should not be more than half the area of the house that is built in the land area. It should not extent to the forward for principal elevation of the highway or to the sideways extension.

The extension of the green house should not exceed the tip end of the rooftop. The maximum height of the conservatory extension should not be more than four meters. Single-storey conservatory should not be extended to the rear end of the actual house by three meters. There should not be veranda, or balcony to the installed conservatory.

Moreover, these development allowances are described for the individual houses and it will differ if the building is a flat, villa, or maisonette. The comparative price lists for the conservatories are given in.

We can save money by planning a perfect conservatory that would suit our individual houses. The estimation would differ depending on the conservatory style, type of material that we install etc. One can request for a conservatory installing quotation by filling up a form with all details of the land space and the building.