Top Home Alarms Plus XFINITY Packages From Comcast

According to most review sites, the companies that are providing top home alarms systems include Front-point Security, Vivint Security, ADT Security, Life-shield and Protect America. Most reviewers list these five companies as their top choices. Among these, most also favor the Front-point as their company of choice. The cellular monitoring features of Front-point and its 100% wireless system are the high points of this home alarm system.

The company offers three different home packages for users. These are the Interactive Plan, the Protection Plan and the Ultimate Plan. However, the warranty plan offered by the company is not comprehensive enough. LifeShield excels on this point as it offers a lifetime warranty to its users. Comcast home security service provides comprehensive solutions to your home security needs through XFINITY Home packages. All the packages provide round the clock monitoring by a certified central security station. The Home Preferred Packages also provide three window and door sensors.

Video monitoring from remote places becomes easier with com-cast home security systems. The outdoor/indoor camera is available with add-on home alarm packages. The Total Add-on Pack, for example, includes a lighting controller, a thermostat, an outdoor/indoor camera and one door or window sensor. The package therefore provides the best solution to energy saving and security needs.