The Top Applications for Brass in the home


While some home-owners like to dance to the beat of their own drum when re modelling or refurbishing their property, others prefer to observe current design trends. This is certainly a more challenging ethos, as home design trends are constantly evolving in line with innovation and the efforts of leading interior experts.

In this respect, brass is a material that has become increasingly popular in home design over the course of the last few years. There are multiple reasons for this, with its durability and refined finish creating numerous applications within the home.

3 of the Top Applications for Brass in the Modern Home

With this in mind, here are three of the primary applications for brass in the modern home: –

Sculptures and Decorations

While brass statues and sculptures have been commonplace in stately homes and palaces for generation, they are also becoming popular among everyday home-owners. Much of this is down to the malleable nature and durability of brass as a material, which is ideal for sculpting and compatible with both small and large projects.

Antique and contemporary brass adornments can add a unique element to a contemporary home design, with a sleek and timeless finish breathing life and character into your living space.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

In terms of bathroom fittings, brass is an underrated and practical material. While some continue to link modern fittings with the garish, swan-neck brass taps of the 1980’s, today’s taps and fixtures are far more varied and subtle in their design. Antiqued and burnished brass taps are particular popular in the modern age, as are standard fittings boasting warm and aesthetically pleasing tones rather than garish gold or sallow yellow.

Also water resistant and durable, modern brass fittings are perfectly suited to the demands of the contemporary bathroom.

Lighting and Lamps

Metal light fittings are all the rage in 2015, with various materials having been used to improve the aesthetic design of LED lamps and wall-mounted lights. While copper has led this charge, brass is also a quietly popular among home-owners with a timeless sense of style. Brass light fittings and lamps have also become popular among those with a practical outlook, as this metal does not corrode and is associated with quality.

This is why so many home-owners utilise brass door knockers, as this makes a subtle but clear statement about the quality of your property.